Men’s Eyebrow Waxing

Men Eyebrow Waxing
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Eyebrow Waxing

Spa for Men in NJ

Eyebrow waxing for Men in NJ

Just because you’re a rugged and tough guy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have properly groomed eyebrows. Almost every guy could use a nip or pluck, especially when it comes to those long crazy brows.

Waxing is typically the best option for men with very thick or overextending eyebrows (the ones that literally grow up your forehead).
Waxing is quick and can remove larger areas of hair in a smaller amount of time. Waxing is also precise and lasts longer since you are removing the hair straight from the root.
When shaping a man’s eyebrows, it’s very important not to go too far into the natural growth of the brow. The goal is to clean up the natural shape of the brow and not to recreate an entirely new look.
For some men, it may be just a few along the bottom of the brow. For others, it may also involve removing hair that is covering part of the forehead.
For those who prefer waxing over other methods to remove unwanted hair, our licensed aestheticians offer eyebrow waxing.

While waxing the brows may seem insignificant, a few wrong plucks could dramatically change your appearance.

What to Expect During Your Wax Service at our DAY Spa
Waxing services performed at our Day Spa are done in the privacy of one of our professional spa rooms. You will be escorted through the spa into a private room by your aesthetician.
Waxing Contraindications

Waxing cannot be performed on anyone using these prescriptions: Accutane, Adapalene, Alustra, Avage, Avita, Differin, Isotretinoin, Renova, Retin A, Tazarac, Tazarotene, Tretinoin. These prescriptions make the skin more sensitive. Also anyone using any over-the-counter retinol, anti-aging or anti-acne products please advise your aesthetician prior to your waxing service.
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*Additional Waxing Services Priced on Consultation


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