SPA Bikini Wax
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Bikini Wax

BIKINI WAX by the Best Waxing Expert in Old Bridge NJ

NJ Expert in body waxing

Regular Bikini Wax   $35
Just a wonderful old fashioned and wholesome panty line wax.

High Bikini                 $45
Takes the sides of the bikini line deeper than a regular bikini wax, and can also include waxing some hair on top to make a more defined ‘triangle’ area.

What to Expect During Your Wax Service at our Day Spa

Waxing services performed at our Day Spa are done in the privacy of one of our professional spa rooms. You will be escorted through the spa into a private room by your aesthetician.

For best results and to ensure your safety, we cannot wax skin that has been exposed to sun within the past 24 hours. Also, certain medications like Retin-A may increase your skin’s likeliness to burn or tear during waxing so be sure to fully inform your aesthetician of any prescription medications you are currently taking.

Waxing Contraindications

Waxing cannot be performed on anyone using these prescriptions: Accutane, Adapalene, Alustra, Avage, Avita, Differin, Isotretinoin, Renova, Retin A, Tazarac, Tazarotene, Tretinoin. These prescriptions make the skin more sensitive. Also anyone using any over-the-counter retinol, anti-aging or anti-acne products please advise your aesthetician prior to your waxing service.
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*Additional Waxing Services Priced on Consultation


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