About Us
City Master Barbers matches new-school salon techniques with the classic customer service of your favorite barbershop.
And while the great haircuts and amenities (like TVs at every station) might get clients through the door, it’s that outstanding customer service that keeps them coming back.

In our experience, building relationships and creating a unique customer experience is the best way to increase repeat clients and develop your business.
It’s what made City Master Barbers a success from the start
Our founder,
Renat Nekhamiyev, saw a gap in the haircare market. He wanted an update to the classic barbershop that incorporated new ideas from men’s hair care, salon, and grooming industries.
This would be a place with beauty industry-style services, but with the quality and vibe of the traditional barbershop.
From this seed of an idea, the merging of old and new, came City Master Barbers.
City Master Barbers continues the rich tradition of barbershops as a neighborhood hub. This is a place where people come not just to get a haircut, but to see their favorite stylist and friends. It’s a place to hang out and have fun. In the increasingly isolated world we live in, City Master Barbers is about more than a haircut, it’s about creating an experience and forging relationships with the people around you. Above all, it’s about having a good time and looking great. 

It might sound simple, but to this point, it’s been an untapped market -- how do we know? Our customers have responded to our existing stores in a big way. With exploding local popularity, there has already been an enormous amount of interest in branching out. It’s why we’re so excited to develop our franchise brand. We’re confident that our case studies speak for themselves. Our two flagship stores are great examples of the kind of success that a potential franchisee could experience. It’s time to grow.
The men’s hair care and grooming industries have literally never been bigger, though the industry is largely unbranded and without significant chains or national brands. This represents a huge opportunity for future product development, taking control of market share, and developing a brand synonymous with high-quality hair and great customer experiences.
The opportunity is there,
let’s take that step together
Why Us?
Here’s the City Master Barbers’ franchise concept in a nutshell:

Both in operational structure and in execution for potential franchise partners

Significant ROIfor a relatively low investment franchise concept

An executive team with years of management and entrepreneurial success

Combining national programs with local marketing programs and cooperative marketing groups
Support and Training
Training is a huge part of the success of our franchisees.

That’s why we offer a detailed plan for giving our franchisees all the tools they need to succeed. We know that after going through this training, our franchisees will know our business inside and out, from the administrative and operational side to sales and marketing. It’s designed to give you the means to succeed with your City Master Barbers franchise.
It’s important to stay simple, which is why we break our training and onboarding down into two distinct phases:
Training at a franchisor location
We bring our franchisee up-to-speed, working with them to better understand what an ideal location looks like for a potential City Master Barbers.
We then spend two weeks training at City Master Barbers’ HQ in New Jersey, four to eight weeks before the franchisee is scheduled to open for business. This includes administrative, operational, sales and marketing as well as liberal amounts of on-the-job training. This training is for the franchisee and up to one other team member.
Training at the franchisee location
On-site training with one of our experienced City Master Barbers team members during the week of commencement of operations.
Franchisees are also expected to attend up to two days of refresher/update training per year in up to two sessions. Space permitting, City Master Barbers will provide the opportunity to send additional franchisee personnel to these refresher trainings. This training is provided at no cost to you, but the franchisee is expected to pay for applicable travel, lodging, and out-of-pocket expenses.
Additional Support Programs

A member of the City Master Barbers field support staff will visit each franchisee according to the following schedule. 

Additionally, we may also provide various online training and webinars as needed.
We want you to feel understood and be totally prepared to do business.

It’s our goal to give our franchisees
the tools they need to succeed

Like any sound business, City Master Barbers is committed to building the right way – slowly. We believe that controlling growth allows us the unique ability to maintain and monitor the quality of our franchisees.
In the next five years, we expect to award only 51 franchisees. Especially in these early years, it makes the most sense to focus primarily on major metropolitan areas with a high enough population density to give our franchisees the ability to succeed. Growing off an already strong marketing presence in these areas will allow franchisees to benefit from the brand recognition that City Master Barbers has cultivated.
Franchises will be placed in areas with at least a 100,000 population-based on core demographics.
City Master Barbers franchisees have the opportunity for success because of our low opening costs and the ability to turn a profit. When compared to other franchises, we offer extremely reasonable running costs.
Our Franchise Fee is $30,000, with startup costs as low as $140,000.
We recommend that the franchisee take duration into account, as we offer a 10-year term with additional five-year renewals. This should give franchisees enough time to make a good ROI and understand their franchise ins and outs. We offer unlimited franchise renewals as long as franchisees continue to remain compliant with our terms and franchise guidelines. We believe in fostering a good environment for achievement, and as such don’t require a renewal fee from our franchisees. We don’t want to create any barriers to renewal.
When you’re with City Master Barbers, you’re part of the family
Who We’re Looking to Work With
Does City Master Barbers sound like a good fit for you? Excited to start?
Here’s what we’re looking for in any potential franchisee. 

customer service

Since this is such a customer service-oriented industry, we’re looking for hands-on owners who aren’t afraid to commit to a high level of service.

Time management
and rapport with employees

This is a fast-paced business, which means that any franchisee has to be organized, efficient, and willing to work hard. Your success is directly tied to your ability to motivate and manage your stylists and will play a big role in retaining them and helping them attain the City Master Barbers standard.

and Honesty

We believe that success in the hair care and men’s grooming industry depends almost entirely on your reputation and commitment to customers. We hold ourselves to a high standard and want our franchisees to embody those values too.

Meet initial investment requirements

We ask that any potential franchisee have $140,000 minimum in liquid investment capital. That’s to cover start-up costs, marketing dollars, and the initial franchise fees. We also require a good credit score (680 or higher).
What’s Next? Here’s how you can join:
Fill out our Request Franchise form
Schedule an initial phone consultation to meet the team
Arrange a Discovery Day. See how it works in person!
Review the franchise agreement
Join the City Master Barbers family!

For more information
please contact our franchise team:

tel:(732) 719-1914